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Dua To Make You Beautiful
16 May 2020
Dua To Make You Beautiful
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My Lord's Knowledge - Beautiful Soothing Nasheed by Muhammad al Muqit


LYRICS | الكلمات
قد كفاني علم ربي من سؤالي واختياري
My Lord’s knowledge has sufficed me from asking or choosing

فدعائي وابتهالي شاهدٌ لي بافتقاري
For my duaa' (supplication) and my invoking is a witness to my poverty

يا إلهي ومليكي أنت تعلم كيف حالي
O my Lord and my King You know my state

وبما قد حل قلبي من همومٍ واشتغال
And what has settled in my heart of agonies and worries

فتداركني بلطف منك يا مولى الموالي
So save me with a gentleness from You, O Lord of the Lords

يا كريم الوجه غثني قبل أن يفنى اصطباري
Oh save me, Most Generous before I give up my patience

حاجة في النفس يا رب فاقضها يا خير قاضي
There is a need in my soul, O Lord so please fulfil it, O Best of Fulfillers

وأرح سِري وقلبي من لظاها والشواظي
And comfort my secret and my heart from its burning and its shrapnel

في سرورٍ وحبورٍ وإذا ما كنت راضِ
In pleasure and happiness and as long as You are pleased with me

فالهنا والبَسط حالي وشعاري ودثاري
For joy and ease is my state, my sign and my shelter.

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Dua To Make You Beautiful
16 May 2020
Dua To Make You Beautiful
IslamVid · 2 Views